I don’t think you can solve problems unless you’re curious about them, and so much of what we do are solving problems or looking at innovations in our supply chain or working with complicated issues around partnerships or innovations, to me that’s a natural quality that you’ve got to have—about business, your colleagues, challenges—it helps you be a better leader."

How Patagonia’s New CEO Is Increasing Profits While Trying To Save The World | Fast Company | Business Innovation

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imageWhen you meet management consultant Anne Libby, you can’t help but notice her passion and clarity in talking about how to bring workplaces to their senses.

Great management, according to Anne, is a “mixture of art, craft and science” — which can be a foggy path to navigate. Throughout…

"The ‘single story’ principle means that there’s not the slightest difference between the spirit of what is said or expected from our team internally, to what is said to our investors, to what is said to our partners and clients or publicly to the press. If we say we stick to a certain principle, there’s no winking, or lip service, to *any* of our constituencies."

Yaron Galai » Company integrity – having a Single Story

"Researchers from San Francisco State University, writing in the Journal of Consumer Culture, say that living in wealthier neighborhoods is linked to materialistic values and impulsive buying. Their survey of a representative sample of 3,000 people from nearly 2,000 ZIP codes around the U.S. showed that the higher a person’s neighborhood socioeconomic status, the more they exhibited these behaviors. For young people in wealthy city neighborhoods, the relationship was even stronger than for the survey group as a whole."

Do Nice Neighborhoods Manufacture Materialism? | Co.Exist | ideas impact

"It seems to be an immutable law of hydrodynamics that if something tastes good, it usually tastes better coming out of a mason jar. New York’s Intelligent Design Company is hoping that holds true, even for pour-over coffee."

— The Facebook message for the Mason Jar Coffeemaker is awesome
Co.Design - It seems to be an immutable law of hydrodynamics that…

"“The three C’s of leadership are consideration, caring, and courtesy. Be polite to everyone.”
— Brian Tracy"

swissmiss | The 3 C’s of Leadership

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This is from January 2013 - but has really good suggestions for writing engaging blog posts. Worth a read.

"So if it comes down to an extra hour of training, or an extra hour to snooze before the alarm goes off, which should you choose? Definitely sleep, according to Charles H. Samuels, medical director at the Centre for Sleep and Human Performance in Calgary. “There is no argument here,” he says. “The choice between adequate recovery and training is always on the side of recovery.”"

Sleep or Exercise? | The Fit List | OutsideOnline.com